Dear community members,

We are really excited to let you know that Bay Area Bangladesh Association - BABA and BayTIGERS are going to organize the first ever Bay Area Bangladeshi Premier Cricket League in October 2017. This event will be first of its kind in the Bay Area within Bangladeshi Community. We are looking forward to all of your participation and support to make it a memorable and exciting event for ALL.

For the details information, please click here >  Bay Area Bangladeshi Premier Cricket League


Best regards from

BABA, Executive Committee - 2017

BABA Webpage:


Dear community members
We trust that all of you all are aware of the various devastating natural and man made calamities including several Hurricane attacks here in the USA (IRMA and Harvey), flood in Bangladesh and unfortunate ROHINGYA crisis that happened recently. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees crossed the border into Bangladesh and a vast number of them neither have any shelter nor any food to survive. Their situation have been made even worse by the start of the heavy rainy in Bangladesh. Considering the devastation people are going through at this moment, BABA would like to take some initiatives to help the victims even in a small way. Some of our community members have expressed interests to donate some funds for various victims of those calamities who really need help to survive. So, if you are interested to make a donation, you can write a check payable to BABA and send it to the address below
PO Box 4776
Santa Clara, CA 95056-4776
PayPal to
Please write on the check or on the Paypal comment section, which purpose/cause the donation is being made. For example, Cause # 01 - For Hurricane Victims, Cause #02 - For Flood Victims of Bangladesh, Cause # 03 - For Rohingya Refugees). If you do not mention the purpose, BABA will need to decide on your behalf. We will definitely send the donation through proper and reliable channels and will make sure it reaches the right destination (Example: for Hurricane victims we may use Red Cross or  other channel and for Bangladesh we are working on finding a field level and experienced partner as well as contacts through local Bangladeshi non-profit organizations). We urge you to make your donation now to be able to help the people in need quickly.
Thank you again for your help for the victims in need. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Best regards from

BABA, Executive Committee - 2017

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Dear Community Members,

It is our pleasure to invite you and your family to BABA Shadhinota Dibosh (Independence Day) Celebration” on April 01, 2017(Saturday). We hope to see you all in the program. We are happy to announce the following guest performers who will be joining with us and other updates also coming soon:


LRB (Ayub Bachchu and his all band members) – For the first time in Bay area

Below here some beautiful music by LRB – Sei Tumi – Ferari ei monta amer – Ghum Bhanga Shohore – Bangladesh


Date & Time: April 1 (Saturday), 2017. 12:30pm to 8:30pm

Venue: Evergreen Valley High School, 3300 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA 95148 

Parking: Free


BABA Facebook April 01, 2017 Event page for updates:


Ticket (please contact one of the BABA EC/BOT members): 

Tickets will be available to collect from February 10, 2017.

Bronze: $30 (Last 3 rows of the Theater/Auditorium)

Silver: $40

Gold: $50

Platinum: $100 

(Tickets are needed for all, including performers and non-performers. Children aged 4+ are required to have a ticket)


Cultural program participation for adults and children with Shadhinota Dibosh (Independence Day) theme, please contact:

Ananna Rahman,, 408-476-6442

Faisal Jalal, faisaljalal@gmail.com650-808-5448

Shahriar Rahman, rahman_77@yahoo.com510-456-8465

Folks who are interested to perform in the cultural program, we will contact with you in a separate email thread. BABA EC will arrange few rehearsals in March 2017. Please make sure, you contact one of the above EC members. All selection process will be conducted by the above BABA EC members.


Sponsor/Advertisement, Snack/Food, Clothing booth Please contact:

Rasikul Karim, rasikul_karim@yahoo.com646-479-4556

Rajib Imran Joy, imrannrajib@gmail.com408-707-6728

Raisa Sultana Mitu, raisasultana@hotmail.com510-449-2844

Helal Chaudhury, helal2403@gmail.com916-868-5602

Booths will be provided on first come first basis.


Booth Price: $100 / booth


BABA Membership:

* Only a BABA member can vote in the BABA election and can run for BABA Executive Committee and Board of Trustees positions 

* You can participate and provide input to future BABA cultural or any other programs of interest.  

Each member will receive a 20% discount for any BABA paid events in 2017.

Please support your community organization by becoming a member and attending all BABA events. 

The cost of an individual BABA membership fee for only one year term: $25

Please follow the link below to become a member:


Looking forward to see you all soon

Best regards from

BABA, Executive Committee - 2017

Helal Chaudhury (President & Finance Secretary): , 916-868-5602

Raisa Sultana Mitu (Vice President & Women/Children Affairs Secretary): , 510-449-2844  

Quazi Shahriar Rahman (General & Sports Secretary): , 510-456-8465


Ananna Rahman (Cultural Secretary): , 408-476-6442

Rajib Imran Joy (Public Relations Secretary): imrannrajib@gmail.com408-707-6728

Faisal Jalal (Publication Secretary): , 650-808-5448

Rasikul Karim Rasik (Social Affairs Secretary): rasikul_karim@yahoo.com646-479-4556


BABA Webpage:

BABA Facebook Page: 

BABA Facebook April 01, 2017 Event page:



OUR 2017 SPONSORS!! We thank you!! 

BABA Soccer Tournament 2016
SV Tigers- Champion of 2016
BABA presents Bangladeshi blockbuster movie "Aynabaji"
BABA presents Bangladeshi blockbuster movie "Aynabaji"
BABA presents Bangladeshi blockbuster movie "Aynabaji"

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